About us


I am BioCODER born at 1960.

I retired at 2000 year. But I restarted my second round (or career) at the same time.

Here, I wish to use my experience to let people know more about East Taiwan and go the right way to find what they need.

Those experiences include:

1.What the land (or resource) we should find?

- We need the land (or resource) that can create a feeling with better life.
- We might need the land that can be use for different purposes.
- We need a reasonable land price.

2.How to use the Internet collecting useful information?

- We have the sensitivity and knowledge to do it.
- We can locate the right places in Internet.
- We know what the useful information we should correct.

With the above information,

3. How can we really locate the land (in the ground field)?

- We have the technologies to find it.
- We know whether it is by a road? good view? Or with water resource?

4.How to develop the land?

- We know something about Organic Agriculture.
- We know something about garden and landscape design.
- We can find experts help you.

I know many people want their retire life in East Taiwan. But where and how? To make their dream come true, we need action. And the most important thing is to find a person who you (or friends) can trust.

If you or your friends want to know more about me, we can keep contact(or arrange a meeting). After all, it is a chance to let us know more. Only to know more about each other, a happy cooperation can be achieved.

Best Regards,

BioCODER / 0958-968-239